2 Fabric Applique

Special Note:
This class is unique. The teachers are offering to teach different patterns in the same class. They all have the same techniques but just have a different pattern. You will need to choose which pattern you want to work on in class from the website www.prqc.com and order it before class. We have a small sample of the different selections on our website. You’re welcome to choose any pattern under the “2 Fabric Applique” selection.

Description of Class
If you love to applique, you will love this method of setting up. If you don’t know how to applique, come and learn! There are no little pieces involved here because the applique fabric is put over the background fabric, you trace (if we tell you more you won’t need us). Check out www.prqc.com for endless pattern choices and come create a masterpiece.

Seats Left

Teachers: Julie Kaleikini & Pauline Vogel
PHONE: (801)259-1659
EMAIL: grandmakaleikiniquilts@gmail.com
Skill Level: Intermdiate
Class Time: Thursday, March 30th 8:30-11:30 am & 2:00-5:00pm
Finished Size: 24" x 39"
Pattern: You will need to purchase 2 Fabric Applique Patterns from www.prqc.com before class.

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Fabric Requirements:
Applique ¾ Yard
Background ¾ Yard (we suggest a strong contrast between the 2 for best effect)
Saral wax free transfer paper
Needles- Straw 10, or 11, Applique 10 or 11 ( If you have a favorite bring it)
Thread to match applique
Pattern that you have chosen from www.prpc.com under 2 fabric applique


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