Column Quilts by Sandy Wyngaard

Column Quilts are unique and quick depending on which type of strips you make to create to make the column. They are reversible and quilted in the process of putting the columns together. The options are really only limited to your imagination, amount of fabric you have on hand and time constraints. You will not get a quilt done in a day… that only happens in our dreams… but you will learn the technique for a quick and easy cuddle up quilt. They can be made with flannel in between the layers or quilt batting.

Finished size: 32½” x 40½” or 43″ x 56″
Skill Level: All Skill Levels
Instructor: Sandy Wyngaard
Contact:, (208)587-8400

Saturday All Day Class
March 28th, 2015
8:30am – 11:30am & 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Class: $30
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Fabric Requirements

For a 32½” x 40½” :
Fabric A: ¾ yard
Fabric B: ½ yard
Fabric C: ½ yard
Fabric D: 5/8 yard
Fabric E: 1 ¼ yard
1 ¼ yard Batting

For a 43″ x 56″ quilt:
Fabric A: 1 ¼ yard
Fabric B: ¾ yard
Fabric C: ¾ yard
Fabric D: 1 1/8 yard
Fabric E: 2 yards
Fabric F: ½ yard ( coordinating print for extra backing column)
Fabric G: ½ yard ( coordinating print for extra backing column)
Batting: 6 strips. 6 ½ inches wide x 56 inch length and 1 strip 8 ½ inch x 56 inch.


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