Creative Bindings by Connie Tabor

This is a hands on workshop designed to take the mystery out of successful bindings, while also giving the student some creative options to add more interest to your finished quilts. Students will bring 6 quilt sandwiches, 12 -18” square to bind using the different techniques. They will label these for future reference. They will learn how to connect binding ends so there is no trace of the connection.
Class includes directions on how to make and use piping in your bindings. How to figure and bind scalloped edges. Machine and hand binding techniques. How to calculate how much fabric you need for the binding. How to make a double binding with piping. How to make an envelope quilt with piping. How to figure and make a scalloped binding. How to use piping around the outside edge of your quilt with the binding on the back of the quilt. Handout will include a chart for future reference on how much bias binding you can get from one fat quarter ( it’s more than you think). Prepare to be amazed at all you will learn in this class.

Skill Level: All Skill Levels
Instructor: Connie Tabor
Contact:, (208)684-4814

Friday All Day Class
March 27th, 2015
8:30am – 11:30am & 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Class: $30
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Fabric Requirements

Bring 6 quilt sandwiches (12-18” approximate), nothing fancy, these will be your samples for future use. It is helpful if one side of the sandwich is a plain, light colored fabric (like a muslin) that you can write on.
80/20 batting works well for this, but any flat batting will work.
You will need several fat quarters (or the equivalent) to make bias binding and to use for making the double binding, also some scraps for other bindings. This is just for samples so it’s a good place to use those fabrics you don’t love anymore.

Precut your fabric and batting squares for the quilt sandwiches into 12 – 18” squares. These do not need to be exact, they’re for practice, so whatever size you cut them will be fine. Your batting should be a flat cotton type, like 80/20 .

Supplies Needed

Basic Sewing Kit
6” dress makers ruler with slide or other small ruler.
Zipper foot for your machine
I will furnish the cording for the piping.


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